At Insight Walk, we aim to connect your passions and interests to your bigger vision. To know more about us, click here. Currently, Insight Walk is working on three platforms to design contextual solutions for youth and school students.

Campus Journalism A platform to voice your opinion. Our team closely work with students of different colleges across the country to capture interesting bytes around culture, exposure and opportunities. The prime focus of this platform is to spread awareness among the students of semi-urban and rural colleges ensuring they create or replicate similar opportunities in their campuses and lives, thereby connecting with their peers in a virtual environment.                                                                    

Career Pathways A tool to help college students make their college life meaningful and interesting by connecting with their passions and interests.                                                                                                         

Community Center A safe space for the students of semi-urban or rural villages with no access to good quality education to explore interests of young minds using multiple intelligence.